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My first crazy Black Friday

So, today was my first real Black Friday here in the US. There were a number of very compelling promotions at Best Buy and Circuit City. Too good to pass up, in fact.
Here’s the deal: Best Buy would open at 5AM to start the Black Friday sales. They would have the best offers on the first page of a leaflet, and to get these, you would have to show up at 4AM. People would line up and get them first-come, first-serve. Of course, if by the time you got in the store the item you wanted was sold out, you were out of luck.
So, I arrived with Diego at 3:20 in the morning or so, to discover that there was a line of 300 people or so ahead of us. Of course we didn’t get the precious vouchers for the super-special sales. The remaining items on sale were still quite good, so we figure we might as well stay and get ourselves some goodies.
Inside the store, I overhead something that made me go ‘wow’. One of the clerks was talking to a friend and mentioned that the first people lining up for the vouchers had been there at 12:30 noon on Thursday. That, my friends, is dedication.
Of course, given that you could probably take the super-special deals and sell them for $300 profit on eBay, it wasn’t a particularly bad investment of time. But, still, the wait in the cold and everything, you would definitely need some patience and a good network of people to rotate with…
In any case, it’s not-doing-much-else day for me, so I’m out now.
Happy post-Thanksgiving!
Fabulously funny article over at The Onion… It has been a while since I laughed out loud at one of these…
Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks

Nuevo celular

Sí, terminé de perder el anterior, y el fin de semana me compré uno nuevo. Más chiquito, igual de funcional, con un teclado "slide" que funciona muy bien – en fin, muy bueno. T-Mobile MDA, para los que quieran más precisión.
He aquí mi primer foto.