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Indy returns May 2008

It’s official. Indy will be back next year. Soooo excited, words fail. So, let’s just bask in the glorious announcement.

Home Sweet (Future) Home

So, if everything goes well, Laura and I will be the proud homeowners of a beautiful condo in Kirkland… Check out the location with the map down below. 


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Also you can see from the view at that we are close to the Washington Lake shoreline – it’s under 10 minutes walking distance (try zooming out if this doesn’t quite fit in your screen, our apartment complex should be close to the bottom of the screen).

Other things within walking distance: Kirkland Library, TGI Friday’s, Noah’s Bagel shop, Pancake House, baseball field, Kirkland park, movie theater, some bookstore, City Thai, and all of Kirkland’s waterfront goodness.

I’m helping out!

I guess these become less important the more the OS comes with built-in functionality, but of course someone dedicated solely to image viewers has a good chance of coming up with something specialized and mucho better…
FastStone Image Viewer was just referred to me… Perhaps I should give it a spin