So yesterday I decided to join a friend (Federico) on a hike trip up Tiger Mountain
Here is the deal – if you go, make sure to start early. Especially if, like us, you aren’t quite as fit as you once were. Turns out that the 90′ hike that we used to make a couple of years ago took about three hours now. And if you start around 18.30, that means you’ll get back around 21.30, by which time there’s very, very little sunlight left (consideing the time of year and the foliage, especially closer to the base).
The hike itself was pretty decent, although some bits were tricky to navigate (too steep, which is more of an annoyance coming down than it is going up). Definitely the ‘cable line’ (which is the steeper, shorter path) is one to stay away if it’s rained at all recently – unnecessarily hard to manage with the addition of slick mud over the rocks.
The view is quite nice at the summit, although it isn’t the very best of the "Issaquah Alps". Very much worth the time, though, when you consider that the best views take much more time to get to.