We just arrived back from Cannon Beach a few hours ago – whew! We spent four days on a short vacation having quite a bit of fun under the sun – I hope to add some notes on things that happened along the trip.
Let’s see, we started off on Sunday, leaving in two cars, Laura and me in one, Diego & Georgina in another one, each with our respective dogs. We drove all the way down to somewhere past Tacoma, then took a lunch break, and drove on until we reached Cannon Beach mid-afternoon. We picked the house keys, and walked about the town, which was very, very quiet – it seems nothing much happens on Sunday night at this time of the year.
We went out, took a walk through the main street and then back along the beach, bought some pizza for dinner, put the pizza in the fridge and decided to eat a little bit of cheese and other assorted snacks instead. We were staying at a rental house about a block from the beach, very very close to the Haystack Rock.
And that was that for Sunday – Monday would prove much more interesting, of course.