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A little something to work around limitations on laptop keyboards (I’m sure there are probably other uses as well, but this has worked quite well for me).

Pumas, Kangaroos & Kiwis

Great game, which we couldn’t watch on regular TV and had to go to one of the few bars that was actually showing rugby matches live, in this case, the Kangaroo & Kiwi Pub in Seattle, near Green Lake. $10 charge to watch the game, some good food & beer, and a breathtaking finale.
Especially because the TV lost the signal during the last 2 minutes of the game, for about 20 seconds – 20 seconds that had the whole pub groaning and yelling. The signal came back, Scotland was still pushing but hadn’t made the try, and all was well with the world.
 (alas, there isn’t a rugby ball icon)

Happy Place

Bueno, si todo sale como queremos, estas navidades las vamos a pasar en un Happy Place… (si hacen click en el link, hagan click en ‘Hybrid’ para ver fotos, y hagan un poco de Zoom out… a ver quién me dice a dónde vamos!)
El amor de mi vida me hizo ayer un regalito muy lindo… Un reloj! Hace tiempo que no usaba reloj, confiando en tener a mano el celular, pero hay ocasiones en que no venía muy cómodo… Problem no more.
Pueden ver el model acá en Series 800 Collection (en la parte de abajo), es de la hilera de arriba, el tercero empezando desde la izquierda.

Dune Kitty

Now with 10% more awesome juice.