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Astoria Team in the Snow

Some snow pics from the Astoria team, witty title and everything courtesy of Mike…


Very Washington-like – although we could use a few more clouds in the sky for accuracy, at least during these winter months.

One of the things that I’ve notices about my home server is that is has a lot of little touches here and there that make it a pleasure to use.

For example, the server can be set up so you can access your files over a web interface. Now if you want to download a bunch of files all at once, typically this is a pain using a browser. The server, however, allows you to choose multiple files (including folders) using a single page with check boxes, and then you can hit a ‘Download’ button to have the server pack everything into a .zip file and send you that over the wire.

Very, very nice.

Happy New Year

To everyone who reads this, have yourself a merry little 2008! I may or may not write more often, may or may not upload more videos and pictures, but I do send you all the best wishes for a most excellent 2008.

And so, I leave with just one message: life is a test – whichever one you prefer.

Happy New Year!