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Exercise and Loving

OK, so I’ve tried my hand at "waking up early" and "going to be early". So far, success hasn’t been phenomenal, especially with my week of vacation, but other than that I’m satisfied with the results.

Here are two more habits then, for the next couple of weeks, to practice together with the other two (as usual, the source is

  • Exercise. Every day, so there is no excuse not to. Interestingly, for untrained men, running more than three times a week or for more than 30 minutes gives small improvements for high injury risk (source). The challenge is going to be finding something that I can do in rainy weather in the morning without feeling miserable.
  • Say I love you to my family members. ‘Nuff said.

Cosas nuevas online

Fotos de perritos con su nuevo monito:!4200AB8D927A35B6!871/

Fotos de un par de cosas que cociné:!4200AB8D927A35B6!871/

Y, finalmente, un video de los perritos, en la eterna lucha de la luz y la oscuridad.


Jeje… Que al pedo que estoy estando de vacaciones…

Semana de vacaciones

Bueno, me toca finalmente un poco de vacaciones…

La cosa especial es que éstas van a ser las primeras vacaciones para las cuales no me voy a ningún lado. En cambio me voy a quedar en casita con los perritos, y me voy a dedicar a hacer todo lo que siempre postergo: fiaca, acomodar cosas, leer pavadas, salir a correr, dormir mucho, jugar con la computadora, hablar con gente…

En fin, espero sacar fotitos cada tanto para compartir, así que probablemente las suba por acá o por Facebook…

24 Habits and 1 Challenge

So I came across this blog post about "24 habits" that resonated better than other similar ones I’ve seen before, and I’ve decided to take the challenge for myself to see how well I can incorporate these in my daily lifestyle.

So, this is the plan: take two habits each week, one from the top and one from the bottom, and then write about how well I’ve done in incorporating them. Or reconsider whether I think they really work for me.

For the first week, here are the habits I’ve got:

1 – Wake Early. Getting up at 5AM is probably a little too much for me, but 6AM should be doable, given that Laura wakes up approximately at that time.

24 – Go to Bed At A Reasonable Time. Pairs pretty well with #1. I know I work best on 8 hours’ worth of sleep, so this would mean going to bed at 10.00, which is unlikely to happen.

So let’s try this – go to bed at 11PM, and wake up at 7AM. That still leaves me the benefits of waking up early (some benefits, anyway), and it gives me a bedtime I might be able to manage.

Well, good luck to self!

we stand today. I’d like to think we’ve learned a few things after the Hiroshima bombing, but we’ve obviously failed to take action – nuclear weapons are still around, to be used as bargaining chips at least, to wipe out parts of humanity at worst.

If nothing else, we can remember there is a flame still burning. Read this year’s peace declaration here.