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So we had the Microsoft Company Meeting a while ago, and today I came across this video.

Paper Airplane Record Attempt

Let me give a little background…

Every year, there’s a company meeting at the Safeco field in Seattle. That’s very many thousand folks sitting on the grades for a few hours. Everyone gets a lunch box, which typically includes something to drink, a sandwich, some kind of salad-thing, chips and dessert (well – I always go for the sandwich boxes anyway).

So there are usually some directions in the box so you know where you can find the area for special needs, where the drinks are, which bus colors take you to which campus buildings and so on. Every year, a few folks always find the time to fold whatever sheets of paper they have at hand into airplanes and throw them – some go pretty far, especially from the higher seats 🙂

Well, this year it was official. You can see more in the video, but it was a cute, silly fun thing to do to have everyone fold up a plane and throw it at the same time (for full disclosure, a few folks threw their throughout the meeting, but that was to be expected, hehe).

In particular, note the sheer amount of folks that come together… and that’s only the folks in the Seattle/Redmond area that choose to attend!


Desde hace un tiempo, en están haciendo algo bastante simpático – ponen una foto "linda" cada día, con algunos links interesantes.

La foto de hoy es del valle de la luna, con los siguientes links:

No sé dónde habrá un link a la foto, pero seguro que algo se consigue con el image search the live.

Cosas con sabor a sur que hay por ahí.

New Coffee Machine

So Laura and I purchased today a Breville Gourmet Single Cup Brewer. Here are some details on it.

  • Setting the machine up was very, very simple. The Quick Start guide takes you through the whole process, which takes a few minutes (water needs to be heated, there is a ‘priming’ cycle to clean internal parts, and whatnot).
  • The machine comes with a bunch of K-Cups, each of which holds coffee, tea or cocoa for a single cup. You can buy more K-Cups online or at Tully’s, or you can get your own ground beans and put them in a little cup.
  • You can program the machine to turn on or off at certain times, which saves you the 3-4 minutes needed to heat the water. I don’t think you can actually program the thing to brew a cup at a given time.
  • After you brew a cup – nothing to clean! By far the best feature as far as we’re concerned. 🙂
  • Coffee is good.

All in all, we’re happy coffee drinkers.

During the Company Meeting this year, we had a preview of the new I’m a PC ad which goes along the new "Life Without Walls" campaign.

(or some such thing – I may get the marketing terms wrong)

In any case, I really like the ad, and you can go watch it here (

You can also upload your own video over at There are already a bunch up there, including of course our brave CEO. I should probably have Toto and Pucho upload their own 🙂