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Waiting at the airport

Currently at schiphol where we arrived in a car we rented yesterday. Driving from Eindhoven was very easy, it’s a simple hop on highway A2 and then following the airport signs after a while.

So I got to drive a bit and even refuel in Dutch, which was an interesting experience. There were pictures to follow along, thankfully.

Now I’m through security and writing this draft as I prepare to head out. The free wifi isn’t working very well, so I’ll have to post in about ten hours from now, once we get to Seattle.

Back to Eindhoven

Awesome wedding yesterday! We had a great time, lots of love all around.

Today, back to Eindhoven in ryanair, the one airline that will make you wait in the snow while dodging equipment so you can board their plane.

Rented a car, we wake in seven hours to drive to schiphol. Looking forward to seeing my doggies, Kerstin has been awesome taking care of them.

Sight-seeing in stockholm

Had a good day yesterday: we had breakfast, walked through central station, walked through a nice market street and then toured the city hall where Eugenia and Benny marry today.

After that, lunch, then on to catch a ferry to the vasa museum (sunk boat), then tram back to somewhere close to the central station, and I crashed at the hotel (the rest of the gang went out for dinner).

Right foot is in good shape now, but my left knee was killing me all day. Today should be pretty tame though, so lets get some marriages going!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Migrated my blog from spaces to wordpress, now I can blog as I go. Woke up a little while ago, had some coffee with Lau, an now were ready to discover white Stockholm.