I still remember how the news hit us at work when we heard Paul David had been in an accident. We were all shocked that something so terrible and sudden would happen to someone who we always thought of as the healthiest guy around who would certainly outlive us all, and anxious about his condition – things were looking pretty grim, and of course the less we knew the more room we had in our imaginations to think of the worst.

Today, Paul is back in putting everyone back to shame with the awesome active lifestyle he’s got, and working to get a better legal connection between the driver’s actions and the consequences created. His latest blog post on the topic is absolutely worth a read, both for his pespective on the work he’s doing and on the actual process citizens can engage in to change the society they live in.

As someone who is often jaded about these things (and who still can’t vote on the way things work around him), it’s inspiring to see this effort in action.