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I find it hard, like other people I think, to put my thoughts and feelings in order with regards to the recent tragedy in Connecticut.

Writing is thinking though, so here we go.

There are two aspects that trouble me. The first is the tragedy itself. I try to keep some emotional distance, partly because there’s nothing I can do about it, and partly because the idea of putting myself in the shoes of the people involved or the parents and relatives of the victims is a horrifying prospect, even as an exercise in empathy.

The second aspect is the reaction of the media and the people I know. I don’t have very high expectations of thoughtful analysis from traditional media (or even particularly accurate reporting for what it’s worth). I was surprised though to see how quickly and casually this seemed to turn into a public policy debate about gun control, and on how little information.

The research I’ve done so far shows that it’s a messy situation. There seems to be no conclusive evidence as to what is the better policy, and the approximations aren’t very good, and there are a lot of interested parties that muddle the situation further. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Tim Harford’s “Adapt” book, however, is that these matters are very, very complex, and you want to make decisions based on data, rather than supporting a position based on an intuition (however well-reasoned it might seem).

But it seems early to start discussing policy when the tragedy is so near. The concern for the poorly thought-out view of the future should not overshadow the immediate grief and ultimately how we choose to deal with them. And while I find that reaching out to people I don’t know and will likely not care too much about my concern (rightfully so) is ultimately a gesture with little meaning, perhaps there is more to be said about understanding how we see ourselves in respect to the situation; how we relate, how we react, and how we choose to be touched or not by it.


I still remember how the news hit us at work when we heard Paul David had been in an accident. We were all shocked that something so terrible and sudden would happen to someone who we always thought of as the healthiest guy around who would certainly outlive us all, and anxious about his condition – things were looking pretty grim, and of course the less we knew the more room we had in our imaginations to think of the worst.

Today, Paul is back in putting everyone back to shame with the awesome active lifestyle he’s got, and working to get a better legal connection between the driver’s actions and the consequences created. His latest blog post on the topic is absolutely worth a read, both for his pespective on the work he’s doing and on the actual process citizens can engage in to change the society they live in.

As someone who is often jaded about these things (and who still can’t vote on the way things work around him), it’s inspiring to see this effort in action.

The idea that the government is above the law is very scary – even more so for those without a citizen status, of which the USA is full of. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hurray for the judge who grew balls…


Judge rules against Bush on spying – U.S. Security –

Para todos los que creen que están libres de preconceptos, racismo, etc., acá va algo educativo…


The world is very messed up, and getting out of control – thank God there are still people that can laugh at all of it.


Miren lo que nos terminó legando Clemente…

Y, sí… Cuando Fox dice algo, salta la gente a decir que es insensible o racista. Cosa que no lo es, dados los parámetros culturales de quien lo dijo. Estuve laburando como un negro no es una frase cargada en latinoamérica, excepto donde hay hipersensibilidad importada.

Sería más interesante ver si lo que dijo es correcto o no – digo.

Sin papeles

Tengo que ir preparando papeles para ir al consulado en Vancouver para arreglar mi extensión de visa de trabajo acá en yankilandia. No me puedo quejar, pero tampoco puedo dejar de ver a los mexicanos que rondan por acá…

Qué destino…
Forasteros malvenidos
que para trabajar
de lunes a domingos,
al doble y escondidos
cobramos la mitad.

Se casa la Andre!


Finalmente, después de idas, venidas, años, cosas, casas, quesos, ya se viene el casamiento!

¡Felicitaciones a los novios!  

Give your brain a workout

Read about Noam Chomsky in his website [] or in WikiPedia [].