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Fotos de cumpleaños y hike

Tengo unas nuevas fotos disponibles.

Acá están las de mi cumpleaños, que son sólo de la cookie-cake que me mandó Lau con los globitos. A la noche estuvo tan buena la cena que no hubo pausa para acordarme de sacar fotitos.

Y acá están las del hike que hicimos a Little Si el sábado, aprovechando un día de sol hermoso. ¡Se nos está yendo el invierno poco a poco!


Back in Seattle

Back home, very very happy of being with Laura and the pups, and going through email and blogs at the moment.

Here are some things worth revisiting:

Happy New Year

To everyone who reads this, have yourself a merry little 2008! I may or may not write more often, may or may not upload more videos and pictures, but I do send you all the best wishes for a most excellent 2008.

And so, I leave with just one message: life is a test – whichever one you prefer.

Happy New Year!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I was about to upload a new video of 20′ into the snowfall, but by the time I finished processing, the landscape has already changed quite a bit. So instead I’ll just describe what I’m seeing out the window.

First, the snow is pretty violent – lots of thick, heavy snowflakes. Not much wind, though. All the garden is covered in snow, there is about an inch and a half of snow on the patio table, the patio floor is covered in snow, as are the stairs and the plants around the house.

I just ran outside for a second for a look (in a T-shirt and flip-flops, you can’t expect much more, can you?). The street is covered in snow as well, which hopefully won’t turn to ice for a long time. In any case the car is in the covered carport (nice thing we didn’t have at our last place), and so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the chains if I need to – at least there won’t be snow around the wheels (although, of course, the chains are in the car, which means they’re going to be really, really cold).

And that’s my update for now. The weather maps show snow at Snoqualmie, and this is what the Alpental webcam looked like about two hours ago… If this is going east to west (apparently it is, from what Georgina tell us), then perhaps the next picture snapped will be more telling.

First Snow

For the first time this season, we have snow in Kirkland!! A bit of me isn’t all too thrilled, given that we had a couple of parties tonight in Redmond and Seattle, but mostly I’m just so happy to see good signs for an excellent ski season.

Alpental is currently at 20" of snow depth, Summit West is at 16". When the numbers hit 32", we’ll be ready to rock!

Ahhh… 🙂

Increíble video de Pégolo

Acá está, para los que pensaron que jamás verían algo por el estilo…

(para los que no tienen idea – Pégolo es la famosa profesora de literatura del colegio Hans Christian Andersen, todo un ícono)


El amor de mi vida me hizo ayer un regalito muy lindo… Un reloj! Hace tiempo que no usaba reloj, confiando en tener a mano el celular, pero hay ocasiones en que no venía muy cómodo… Problem no more.
Pueden ver el model acá en Series 800 Collection (en la parte de abajo), es de la hilera de arriba, el tercero empezando desde la izquierda.

One step closer to the green card

Most of the paperwork is done on our end, but today we got a special bit – the medical examination.
The whole deal began by leaving work early and driving for an hour or so to Lynnwood (bad traffic). Very nice driving in summer weather (, crossing my fingers here to avoid jinxing it). Next, a 20-30′ visit, no waiting, simple forms to fill, one shot for me, two for Laura (good thing I had my vaccionation records), and it’s done. Oh, and blood extraction and a skin test of some sort – supposedly they’ll look at this on Friday when the doctor completes the paperwork for us.
And with that, we should be ready to send everything to my employer’s lawyers to take care of the filing… and thus the last wait begins.

Home Sweet (Future) Home

So, if everything goes well, Laura and I will be the proud homeowners of a beautiful condo in Kirkland… Check out the location with the map down below. 


Live Search Maps

Also you can see from the view at that we are close to the Washington Lake shoreline – it’s under 10 minutes walking distance (try zooming out if this doesn’t quite fit in your screen, our apartment complex should be close to the bottom of the screen).

Other things within walking distance: Kirkland Library, TGI Friday’s, Noah’s Bagel shop, Pancake House, baseball field, Kirkland park, movie theater, some bookstore, City Thai, and all of Kirkland’s waterfront goodness.

Happy Valentine, me love!

Para la mujer que cambió mi vida, espero que hoy tengas un very happy valentine!
Un lugar más para dejarte una notita y recordarte cuánto te amo…